iPSC-based Platform

Equipped with self-renewal ability and pluripotency, induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) represent a highly reliable and accessible source to derive unlimited functional human cells of various types as new medicines, such as NK cells and γδ T cells for cancers.

CytoMed’s customer-friendly iPSC generation technology

CytoMed’s iPSC-derived γδ T cell and NK cell technologies

Unique features of iPSC-derived γδ T cells and NK cells:

  • Unlimited, high-purity and functional;
  • Express most cancer recognition receptors/molecules of γδ T cells and NK cells;
  • No KIRs and no restriction by recipients’ HLA phenotypes;
  • Potent direct cytotoxicity against a wide range of cancer cells, including solid tumor cells;
  • Mediate ADCC when combining with specific antibodies;
  • Amenable to CAR manipulation via one-time genetic modification of iPSCs;
  • A bona fide universal cell source to develop “off-the-shelf” immunotherapeutics for many patients.

Potential of iPSCs demonstrated by CytoMed’s scientists